a bit of history and our patent

L’arredo di Geppo



My name is Pino Garone , for friends or those who know me have always been Geppo , the idea of patenting this new method of furniture, or building surfaces furnished prefabricated panels , comes from a specific requirement of the clients I contacted in my long work experience.


Working for over 30 years in the construction industry as a fitter and trimmer opera internal and external , I have observed from day to day , the interest shown by many customers to see the works of furniture made of masonry, compared to other materials and they natural type in which the wood composite materials or synthetic .


But the aesthetics and practical of these artifacts , has had and still has various problems , I will now explain :


1 rather high costs for the realization


2 Timing and planning long and complex


3 L ' inability to be able to change susceptibility to artifacts in time


4 Who for reasons of employment or otherwise forced to move residence could never furnish their homes with furniture masonry


With the realization and the subsequent patent of my business idea , I was able , to take away all these constraints intended to achieve any kind of furniture inside or outside the home


In addition to this the furnishing of Geppo , allows anyone and I mean anyone to be mounted with their own hands : the kitchen, the bathroom , the shelves , partition walls , library walls , wardrobes , shelving , shelves , barbecue and many others that I can achieve.


The composition of the artefact consists lightened panels already finished tiles or mosaics or with any type of finish , the panel is made of galvanized perimeter foils with a system of joints in the terminal part , mounted between them , become a prefabricated module light and extremely durable .


As the information was completely covered with high-quality materials , it is easy to maintain and easy to clean , does not absorb odors and are not subject to the production of mold, bacteria or insects cerficato EEC and the product is non-toxic and anti-mildew .


With the technique of bricolage, or all of the instructions I provide attached to each artifact with its dvd video that shows step-by- step how to fit it all in about two hours , you can with your hands Montarvi a built-in kitchen in your apartment , in your home or another with the ability to take it apart , if you move or go to another house and reinstalling.


I provide all the materials needed for installation in a kit that comes in the shipment when the panels are required , the choice of appliances I leave to your good taste , ( to complete the kitchens) . Shipments are anywhere in the world courier.


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